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CNBCCramer's charts reveal that technology isn't the only sector driving the rallyCNBCIn looking at the daily chart of's stock, a solid tracker of discretionary spending on travel and leisure, Moreno noticed that it has been trading in an ascending triangle pattern under the $1,920 level for the last two months. Last week and more » Economic TimesTech view: Nifty50 forms Shooting Star pattern; minor correction aheadEconomic Times"The index formed a '

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2 days ago - Possible H&S — trading idea and price prediction for US DOLLAR / RUSSIAN RUBLE (FOREXCOM:USDRUB) from trader artem.koloskov  Interactive financial charts for analysis and generating ideas on TradingView! Feb 6, 2015 - Brent Oil vs - TradingView. This is the comparison of reversed Brent price dynamics vs Russian Rouble starting from Feb-2014 (CAD is  See also delay times for other exchanges. Historical chart data and daily updates provided by Commodity Systems, Inc. (CS