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Forex review blog for you

My Forex review blog for you

Month: June 2018

Let me ask you: Have you ever waited for a pullback that NEVER comes… only to watch the market move higher without you? It sucks, I know. But the good news is… it’s easy to fix this problem. How? By trading the Bull Flag Pattern. Now you’re probably thinking… What’s a Bull Flag Pattern? Where […]
Want to “supercharge” your trading results? Of course, you do! Well, read on because today’s lesson is a power-packed price action trading tutorial that is going to give you some solid, actionable strategies that you can begin implementing immediately to help improve your trading results. The ‘tricks’ that follow are essentially some of the strategies […]
Hey hey, what’s up my friends! Before I get to this week’s video, I just want to share with you a new trading guide I wrote called, 12 Proven Forex Trading Tips that Work. It’s packed with actionable trading tips that you can implement right away and get results — fast. So, if you’ve not […]
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