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3 Forex Robots You Should Know About


Forex robots have become a popular way to increase profits from Forex trading. Having a reliable program which takes care of much or all of the trading process for you is a big time saver, reduces the effort required on your part, and can increase your profits substantively.

The problem is that it's difficult to separate the best forex robots from the bad ones. For that reason, I've written this article: to introduce you to 3 of the best Forex robots on the market today. I've chosen affordable programs so you do not have to invest a lot to start using and profiting from them.

1. Forex Killer – This is one of the most renounced trading programs on the market today. Forex Killer is a signal generating software. This means that what it does is analyze the market and provide you with entry and exit prices to act on. However, it does not place the trades for you automatically. You need to finish the process by placing the trades yourself. Forex Killer enjoys excellent reviews.

2. Forex Funnel – This is a forex robot which is optimized for the USD / JPY currency pair. It does the entire trading process for you from market analysis through placing the trades for you. It has been extensively tested for about 4 years and enjoys excellent reviews. It is not technically difficult to install and operate so even newbies can use it.

3. Forex Tracer – the Forex Tracer is similar to Forex funnel in that it does the entire trading process for you. However, it is optimized for the EUR / USD currency pair. Forex tracer has been tested and found to produce excellent results. It is one of the most popular up and coming Forex trading robots and has been used by Forex newbies and intermediaries alike.

One of these 3 Forex Robots should be a good option for you to try.

Source by Eric Soundbridge

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