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FapTurbo – The New Forex Trading Robot


FapTurbo is an automated expert advisor for the Metetrader4 platform, and are able to trade automatically for you. This robot was developed by 3 IT programmers and is an expanded and more profitable version of Marcus Learys original Forex Autopilot. What's new, is that FapTurbo now, as the only expert advisor, shows ongoing trade results from live accounts with real money involved. The results are updated with every 15 minutes and can be followed by everyone on the internet.

These are the main reasons why FapTurbo has been spreading like wildfire on the internet:

– You can consider this as a real plug and play system. Set it up, and let it run on autopilot.
– If you are a license owner of FapTurbo, you have a fantastic advantage in Forex trading compared to all other robots and trading techniques.
– You have the possibility to host it on a virtual private server, so you do not need to keep you own PC on all the time.
– The FapTurbo discussion forum, restricted to the members, contains lots of useful information.
– It shows profit way beyond all other software available.
– FapTurbo is tested on real live trading accounts, not just backtesting and demo accounts.
– The member areas has fantastic video tutorials that can help you install the system.
– It works 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, analyzing the market and making trades for you.
– No special knowledge required in advance.
– There is a 56 days money-back-guarantee. And the guarantee really works in reality also! This give you the opportunity to test the system at no cost.

Source by Johnny Hansen

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