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Forex Automatic Trading Robots – Setting the Record Straight


I've been reading a lot recently about these Forex automated trading robots. It's hard not to get enticed by their big numbers and their glowing testimonials, but I have to wonder if it's at all true. So I've decided to take a closer look at some of the claims that have been made by those selling these bots. In this article, I will be examining two such claims.

Claim # 1: You do not need to know anything about how to trade on the Forex market because our automated trading bots will do the thinking for you.

It seems a little strange to me that in an age where our very freedom can be something compromised that we would so willing give up one of our most important rights of all: the right to think. Yes, the Forex market is complicated, and yes these Forex bots do tell you when to buy and when to sell when trading. But is that right?

What if some glitch gets into the bot that you're using?

What if the bot is wrong?

Would not you feel more comfortable at least knowing a little bit about a market where you may be investing your life's savings? I mean what happens if your computer crashes? In any situation involving my hard earned cash, I definitely want to put some thought into it, not give up my thoughts.

Claim # 2: By using an automated Forex trading robot, you will never have to worry about losing money again.

Please, this claim is easily disputed. The Forex market historically has claimed over a 95% ratio of losers to winners. Amazingly, nothing including the advent of the coming of these Forex robot saviors as done anything to change that. These are the facts, people who invest in Forex are more likely to lose money than gain money.

Robot or no robot.

The reason: the Forex market is extremely liquid and it can change suddenly. The Forex robot despite good if the currency trading trends remain the same over a long period of time can make you money but only in an ideal world. And you know we live in an ideal world, do not you? They can not see or anticipate changes like we can. Remember the 9/11? To invest in Forex you must absolutely be flexible and be able to adapt to any situation as quickly as possible, and that my friends is a skill that no automatic Forex robot has been able to master. The eventual result is if you depend on a Forex robot you will lose money.

If you plan on using automatic Forex robots to create a life of licenses and luxury for you in the coming years, my advice to you is buy a lottery ticket. Most if not all of these bots are scams. Do not be deceived. Real knowledge comes from real education. Educate yourself. Better yet invest in yourself.

Source by Tom Ridgeway

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