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Forex Boomerang – Turn $ 500 Into $ 300,000 in Months With Forex Boomerang


Now the name Forex Boomerang might be a bit strange, but then again FAPTurbo is a type of diesel engine! A Boomerang returns to it's owner and Forex Boomerang returns profits to it's owner, but that is the only link as far as I can see. If you had invested $ 500 into a live trading account in January 2008 you would have made over $ 300,000 by now! No other EA can demonstrate that kind of performance.

Earlier this year I was approached by the developers of Forex Boomerang to test their latest Expert Advisor. Several experienced Traders were approached to test it out on a variety of MT4 Platforms and in different countries to make sure it works correctly. Whilst I do not have any connections with Forex Boomerang, I do have a Forex Robot Review site which I assume was why I was approached.

At the same time I have been testing several top top EAs so have a good idea what these Forex Expert Advisors can do and what the main differences are between them. It is actually quite difficult to compare the different ones and which will be best for your type of trading and risk profile. On top of that they are all priced differently so working out value for money is almost impossible.

Forex Boomerang Summary

* Creates & Trades Forex 24hrs A Day 5 Days A Week

* Requires No Human Intervention

* Trades With Low Risk And High Returns

* Works With Any metatrader 4 Broker

* Trades on the Euro / USD 1 Hour Chart

* Is based on Heavy Build, Complex Algo

* Has a Great Stop Loss, Take Profit System

* Was Developed From The Ground Up With Profit In Mind

* Can be used on Free Demo Accounts Without Risking Real Capital

For me the Forex Boomerang outperformed the other EUR / USD Advisors (can not name them here unfortunately) over and over again. It is the next generation Robot that has an AI element, it really does act like a real trader, reacting to changes in the market and compensating with more trades or competitiveness trades to limit exposure. The actual system and algorithm are closely guarded secrets and I doubt I would understand it anyway!

Source by James Zilz

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