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Forex Bullet Proof Bonus and Robot Trading Tips


The new Forex robot to come on to the market is Forex Bullet Proof and we are offering you an exclusive Forex Bullet Proof Bonus.

This robot comes from the same developer Steve C who has wave us Fap Turbo which was a huge success for many people and Steve promises Forex Bullet Proof is going to be even more successful.

Before I go into our Forex Bullet Proof Bonus, here are some of the pros and cons of using Forex robots.


• You do not have to be an expert Forex trader to be able to use a Forex robot. The software is normally straightforward and you can be up and running within 15 minutes

• You no longer have to monitor your screen looking for a trade. This means the robot can trade while you are at work or even when you are sleep.

• You can trade all around the world and not worry about being up all night if you want to trade markets that are open when it is your night time.

• Many Traders have lost money due to greed, impatience and frustration. Although they have an excellent manual system human nature will stop most Traders from sticking to their system. An obvious example is after a row of winning trades, there is a tendency to think the system will ALWAYS win, and suddenly the money management rules are broken and the temptation to increase the leverage is too much. Many Traders at this point take huge risks and this is when they will lose everything. Robots stop this from happening because they always stick to the formula.

• The Robot only trades when all their parameters are met, Traders will become impatient and look for trades that are not there.


• They often only work in one or two currency pairings

• Some robots do not allow you to control the settings and might be set at too higher risk

• Some brokers do not allow them

• They might only trade once or twice a week

• There can be a high upfront cost

• Some unscrupulous sellers are not showing you their true trading results

Not all Forex Robots are equal, before you buy check the credibility of the seller, it will disappear in a few weeks.

Check what proof he is offering and if you go ahead and buy a simple tip would be to trade a dummy account before you start trading real money.

Source by Gillian Westfield

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