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GoMega Trader Fx – What Exactly Does it Do?


A Forex expert advisor is a trading robot, a piece of software that automates your trades so you do not have to do anything. Of course, this is the dream of many traders to be able to do anything else and leave the computer screen and let the expert advisor do the work for them. The truth is that no trading robot or system is perfect, and loss always occur. The autotrading software should then include a money management strategy, that limit loss while still being profitable in the long run. However, does such a thing exist? Well, the GoMega Trader Fx Autotrader developed by Quantum Research is certainly at this time the closest thing to it and even more, considering the results it gives on real live trading accounts.

First, it is important to state that GoMega Trader Fx is a 100% fully automated forex trading solution. It's not just entering and exiting trades. It also automatically size the positions, and trades with stop loss and profit targets, meaning there is a ral strategy to limit losing trades and maximizing the pips earnings. The integrated money and risk management is already proven, no more than 1.5% of your account is risked on the trading. When a trend is not well defined, then producing sideways movement and showing that the market is not really deciding on a direction, loss may happen, but GoMega Trader Fx can also filter out most of these movements.

In short, you just set it and forget it. When enabled, the forex expert advisor analyzes the market and then enter trades when built-in conditions are met. The best results have been observed on the GBPJPY pair, and not on demo account but real trading, with real money. The profit returns are as high as 100-150%, which is actually doubling or more than the initial deposit, doing nothing else than the initial setup, which is very easy (if you can copy a file in a folder, drag and drop from a window to another then you're done).

So is it worth it? Well, it is easily understandable that $ 1,997 for the GoMega GBP / JPY version, which is the only release available to date and the most priftable, is far from being cheap. However the return on investment is huge. Quantum Research made a video for their potential customers that their software could turn $ 5,000 into $ 1,280,000 in 4 years, if the software keep doubling the initial deposit every 6 month. To go further, we could thus conclude saying that it would turn $ 1,000 into one million in 5 years. And if you do not double your account in one year they will refund your money back.

Quantum Research is a reputed company in the automatic trading world, their new release has always been profitable and they always treated their members with the highest consideration. The personal support they offer is excellent, and they do not charge for it. They do not charge anyhting else than the price of their product, there are no monthly subscription fees, and future upgrades are always free.

So is it worth it? This is up to you to decide, but the general opinion is of course yes it is worth it. It is worth having free time to enjoy life while you just have to let your computer run with the trading platform, the expert advisor making money for you. This is the exact lifestyle model we all want, but of course it has a cost. If you are a trader who stay all day at its computer to find the ultimate trade opportunity than you know the real benefit of time. If you know nothing about forex or not much, then you do not have to be skilled to make this work.

If you decide to get GoMega Trader Fx, you need to be quick since when Quantum Research brings a new release, it is only available for 3 days. The GoMega Trader Fx GBPJPY can be ordered from June 2nd to 4th 2009.

Source by Thomas Leroy

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