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Megadroid Forex Robot – What is RCTPA Technology?


RCTPA means "Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis." This is an advanced high level of technology used by Forex robot trading software called the Megabroid Robot. John Grace and Albert Perrie are the minds behind this forex trading software. The technology has certain capacities in the trading world that I will highlight later in this article.

The automated Forex Megabroid trading robot accompanies with its high level of technology. It has taken thirty eight years of learning and experience of the minds of the two great individuals to come up with a product believed to have engineered the new world in forex trading as described by many. It has the capacity to estimate precedent years of similar looking market environment. Foreign exchange market trail in precise blueprints since the need to develop this technology was vital.

This new technology is highly gaining ground with foreign exchange traders. It specifically designed to quadruple any form of investment according to the information from the website. For instance if you invest $ 1 dollar using this megadroid forex tool is that you are bound to get $ 4. It is a machine with the capacity of telling you whether to invest in the next 2 to 4 hrs ahead of time.

The owners of this product have secured her buyers of a full free 60-day trial there if it does not work, you get a full refund of your money. Before you even purchase the product there is a demo in their website with guidelines on how to use the forex Megadroid software.

It is very user friendly incase you are wondering, it has plug and play features and it should take you about five minutes installation. However, so many forex-trading robots softwares are out there, Forex Megadroid robot is one out of many robots known to have Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis technology. You can always visit the site for further information regarding RCTPA.

Finally, RCTPA is the only technology known to have clocked 1,385% net profit in only seven months after its invention with gains growing monthly at a hundred percent. Having position itself with achievable goal of 2000%. It is also the first trading forex software technology to have broken the hundred percent marks within seven months. RCTPA is not now difficult to understand. It is very straightforward trading software to comprehend for any unclear information there is support from the management in Forex Megabroid site.

Source by Albert J. Kempt

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