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Many traders find that after they've been trading for a while the magic wears off. Every trader needs to remember why they came into trading in the first place. For me it was a weekend seminar that Anne had booked for us 6 years ago this month. This was a life changing moment even though at the time I complained this is likely to be a waste of money. The speaker demonstrated how easy it was to trade and make lots of money and once he'd everyone hypnotized with his visual presentation and slick talking he proceeded to up sell us to a more advanced course. I attended this only to find the course was anything but advanced and didn't give me the information I needed to make money from the financial markets. What it did give me though was my the desire to be financially free so I decided I wanted to learn how to trade and so my trading education began.

After numerous courses and mentoring in the UK, US and Europe I managed to begin to develop my trading. I've spent a lot of time and effort learning how to trade, creating strategies and applying them to the markets and at the time my motivation was to be free of debt and employment. I've not worked in 6 years!

I achieved my goals from back then and look back at the time when I was going through my steep learning curve and I can honestly say it was so worth every late night, social weekend sacrificed, skipped breakfasts, late dinners and sometimes total frustration to getting to where I'm now.

Today’s forex update is really a thank you to all those who have helped me with my trading journey. Some of my trading mentors are great traders and even though back when I first started trading they charged me an arm and a leg to learn from them, again I'll say it was well worth it.

There are too many people to thank here but you all know who you're and I know some of you read my forex blog and I want to say a big thank you to all that have helped me over the last 6 years. It wasn't easy but it certainly was fun.

It's easy to get wrapped up in our every day routine and quite often many of us will forget why we do the things we do. Why wake up at 6am to catch the train for 7 to get to work for 9 to come home for 6 and get to bed for 11 only to start the same routine again the next morning? I know this provides an income at the end of the month but does it provide financial freedom? I’m sure some will say yes but for most employees it doesn't.

If ever you've thought about getting financial freedom then perhaps you too should look at trading the financial markets. In 2002 I couldn't see a way out of my financial situation and now I cant believe I was ever in that situation.

Trading isn't fun all the time and has many moments of being unappealing but in the long run it can hold an extreme amount of financial and emotional gratification. Anyone reading this thinking about entering the trading environment, please understand trading is no different to learning how to be a pilot, doctor or racing driver. It'll take time and practice like with any job but in addition also takes patience and self control.

Once again thank you to all that have helped me become a dynamic trader over the last 6 years.

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