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What a Patented Forex Expert Advisor Technology Means?


Some Forex system authors in the market introduce their commercial expert advisors and related MetaTrader4 tools as legitimately patented, what does this mean and is it considered a real credibility? supporter?

In order to understand this, we should first recognise the difference between a copyright, trademark and patent.


It’s a sort of protection that original work authors can obtain, intellectual property like a programmed software either published or unpublished is applicable.

A copyright owner has the exclusive right to manage his copyrighted work by reproduction, subaltern work creation, copies distribution and publicly execute or present it.

The protection in this case is limited to the expression form regardless of the subject matter of the programing. Your copyrighted software description can’t be copied. Other developers can write a description of their own. Any one can make and use a similar one.

So you can conclude that a copyrighted description can’t be misleading or deceptive as it was reviewed carefully to be copyrighted.


It’s a word, name, symbol or device that refers to the traded ware source and differentiate from other similar ones, a Servicemark is the same but for services, both are referred to as “trademark”. “mark”.

The protection in this case is for the user not to be mislead to confusingly use a similar mark?. Any one can create and sell similar ware or services under a obviously different mark.

Patent and Trademark Office handles trademarks of interstate or foreign commerce in US.


This is for an invention to be a property with granted right to its inventor, Patent and Trademark Office handles it too. A new patent will be dated 20 years earlier than the date on which the application or in specific cases an earlier related application for the patent was filed in the United States.

A patented invention can’t be made, used, offered for sale. Been sold or imported in U.S. by anyone other than its inventor, while he isn't granted by this document to have those rights too.

Expert Advisors with claimed patents

Fapturbo 2.0 and Forex Striker official websites are presenting links for their verified patents. These links refer to U.S. Copyright Catalogue –. Library of Congress website with real data. By being limited to good intentions, there could be some explanations:

  • A copyright is enough to prove the priority of their works but not the monopoly, which is in turn enough to prove a maximum level of experience in Forex systems development.
  • No other expert advisor has a real patent as described above. They're not pretending to have someone else’s property.
  • Not all of these guys are U.S. citizens. They consider a U.S. copyright –. Without being underestimated –. As a patent in the other countries.


No patent exists for an expert advisor, while those claiming to have one aren't proving this correctly despite of displaying their inventions copyrights which is in itself an acceptable evidence of the credibility and precession.

Source by Adam Weil

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