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What is the Forex Trading Troll and How Can it Help Busy Forex Traders?


For busy Forex traders, managing the trade after it is placed can be a challenge. Once you find the perfect set up and place the trade, you don’t really know how long it is going to take to play out… and sometimes you just can’t sit in front of the computer. That is where the Forex Trading Troll comes in handy.

The Forex Trading Troll is an Expert Advisor for Metatrader4 that helps you manage the trade after it is placed. You can program the Troll to move your stop loss and take partial profits at levels you decide. This is a great help, especially for busy Forex traders.

Now, when some traders hear Expert Advisor they get the wrong idea. The Trading Troll is not an expert advisor that trades on autopilot without you knowing how to trade. It is not a gimmick to replace your Forex trading knowledge. It simply is a tool you can use to program how your want your trades to be managed after they are placed… so you can get on with your life.

We have all had something like this happen. We place a trade and plan out when we want to move our stop loss and when we want to take partial profits. But then something happens and we get distracted. The next thing you know, we miss the opportunity and the trade goes against us. This is when we start wishing we had more time to monitor the charts to keep this kind of thing from happening again.

But more time is not always easy to come by. Work responsibilities, life responsibilities and even sleep tend to get in the way of our trading. But I am of the belief that to be successful at anything, you must overcome obstacles such as these. This is why I use the Troll to manage my trades after they are placed. I love to scale out of my trades and move my stop loss up to lock in profits and get into risk free trades. And now I don’t even need to be sitting in front of my computer to trade like this.

Source by Edward Lomax

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